Our Difference


The difference between Giant Janitorial Service, Inc. and most other cleaning people is just that: the others are just cleaning people.

Giant Janitorial has been in business for more than 50 years due to its long-lasting reputation as a quality service provider willing to do whatever is necessary to provide exemplary service and personal attention to each and every one of its clients.

Giant’s managerial talents and employee training program are what makes it so successful.  Without the ability to manage effectively and train new hires successfully, a client would be left only with a group of people to swipe a rag here, or push a mop there.  Giant Janitorial offers much more than that by ensuring that the degree of quality of its services is always at its best, never sub-standard.

GIANT JANITORIAL is known as one of the most reliable and quality efficient service providers throughout the state of Michigan, and currently services over FOUR million square feet per night.  We are committed to quality and response, considering them our highest priorities.

We know that you require and expect the highest standards of quality and efficiency in every aspect of your business, and we will do everything in our power to provide this for you.  If you find that the current job being done in your facility is just adequate or okay, you should call Giant Janitorial for your free estimate today.  Giant can make your space sparkle and take all the worry out of your cleaning needs.